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Thank you for your interest in our automatic hamburger production line.
This fast food production line is compatible with various different types of food materials, whether that is meat, seafood, or vegetable. Through processes like forming, breading and frying, the automatic hamburger production line will finally deliver the delicious hamburger patties. The production line can be used in combination with instant freezer and food packaging machine, etc. to achieve a complete production line for half-finished or fully finished foods.
Through changing the mould, the automatic hamburger production line is able to manufacture final products in different shapes, such as round and rectangular, etc.

Specifications of Automatic Hamburger Production Line
NO. Processing Line Model Capacity Power Area Requirement
1 LTHP-100 50-150kg/h 2.03kw+30kw(fryer) 6600*790*1500mm
2 LTHP-400 without fryer 300-500kg/h 16.9kw 7800*950*2250mm
3 LTHP-600 without fryer 500-1000kg/h 21.34kw 7900*1200*2640mm

Automatic hamburger production line is composed of the following parts.
1. Automatic Forming Machine
2. Battering Machine
3. Breading Machine
4. Continuous Fryer

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