Tortilla Chips, Doritos, Triangle Corn Chip Machine

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Tortilla Chips, Doritos, Triangle Corn Chip Machine

We are a specialized manufacturer of tortilla chips, Doritos, triangle corn chip machine based in China. Tortilla chips, Doritos, Tostitos, Don Tacos are snack foods made using corn powder. They are cut into wedges and then fried. And corn tortillas are made using corn, vegetable oil, salt and water. Though corn tortillas are usually made of yellow corn, they can also be made of white, blue, or red corn. After frying and flavoring, we finally get the very crunchy triangle chips which are popular with children and adults.

Sample Display

Technical Parameter
Model Installed Power Power Consumption Output Size
FT63 205KW 149KW 250-300kg/h 24000x1500x2200mm
FT75 240KW 180KW 300-500kg/h 23000x1500x2800mm
FT95 368KW 276KW 700-1000kg/h 27000x1500x2800mm
LT65L 143KW 100KW 120-150kg/h 22000x1200x2200mm
LT70L 187KW 131KW 200-250kg/h 24000x1500x2200mm
LT85 232KW 174KW 300-500kg/h 23000x1500x2300mm

Flow Chart of Tortilla Chips, Doritos, Triangle Corn Chip Machine

The components of doritos chip making machine are given below.
1. Flour Mixer
2. Screw Conveyor
3. Twin Screw Extruder
4. Corn Chips Cutter
5. Elevating Conveyor
6. Cooling Separator
7. Vibrating Feeder
8. Continuous Fryer
9. Single Drum Seasoning Machine

At present, our main business is research and development, production, marketing of all types of extruded food machinery and backing snack machinery. We are trusted and supported by many purchasers at home and abroad as a result of high quality of equipment, perfect customer service and good reputation. If these products are required by you, don't hesitate to contact us. We are the one you need!

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