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Industrial Microwave Tunnel Dryer
Industrial Microwave Tunnel Dryer Industrial Microwave Tunnel Dryer Industrial Microwave Tunnel Dryer Industrial Microwave Tunnel Dryer


1. Fast heating
Unlike traditional heating tools, microwave heating uses the heated material as a heating unit and does not heat conduction. The materials that have poor thermal conductivity can also be heated in a very short period of time.
2. Uniform heating
Despite the shape of the various parts of the materials, microwave heating enables electromagnetic waves to evenly penetrate the material simultaneously, thus producing heat. It realizes complete and uniform heating.
3. Energy-saving and efficient
The materials that contain moisture are easy to absorb microwave and heat. Except the small amount of heat transmission loss, large amount of heat is maintained, so industrial microwave tunnel dryer is highly efficient and energy-saving. It is saves more than 1/3 of energy than infrared heating.
4. Mold prevention, sterilization, preservation
With thermal and biological effects, microwave heating can realize mold prevention and sterilization at lower temperatures. The quick heating speed and short heating time preserve the material, vitamins in the food, original color and nutrients to the maximum.
5. Advanced technology and easy control
Immediate heating or stop is controlled by the microwave power. The man-machine interface and PLC system achieve programmable automation control of heating process.
6. Security
The microwave energy works in metal heating chamber and waveguide tube, so it has little microwave leakage, no radioactive or gas emissions, no waste heat or dust. Industrial microwave tunnel dryer does not contaminate food or environment.

Applicable Products
A. Puffed Food
Industrial microwave tunnel dryer is applicable for drying and sterilization of all kinds of puffed food that is produced by single screw and twin screw processing equipment.
B. Fruits and Vegetables
Fruit and vegetable crisps processed by industrial microwave tunnel dryer do not increase the fat content. It retains the original flavor of the fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile, industrial microwave tunnel dryer carries out sterilization. It keeps the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables. Industrial microwave tunnel dryer is time-saving and energy-saving.
C. Grains and Nuts
Industrial microwave tunnel dryer is broadly used for drying of nuts, such as sesame, melon seeds, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, chestnut and so on. The food dried by industrial microwave tunnel dryer is characterized by crispy and delicious flavor, full puffed particles, natural color, beautiful appearance and cleanness.
D. Cooked food and aquatic products
It is relative new to bake and dry meat and aquatic products with industrial microwave tunnel dryer. The dryer can be used for drying medicinal materials, tea, seasoning, feed, packed meal, medicine, wood, paper products, and chemical products. It is also used for vacuum sintering.

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