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Instant Noodles Machine

We are a major manufacturer of instant noodles machine in China. In order to supply the clients all over the world with products of high quality, we have set up a team composed of talents who are experienced in food production equipment manufacturing and design. And we also have highly advanced production equipment to ensure our product quality. Now, our instant noodles machine and other types of food processing equipment like meat production line, peanut butter machine, etc. are widely used in international markets. So, if you have any food production line need, please feel free to contact us.

The following introduces you some general introduction on our instant noodles making machine.
LTFN-II automatic instant noodle processing line is designed on basis of similar advanced products and equipment in the world market. Instant noodles machine is easy to operate and convenient to use. The corrugated instant noodle produced by this line is tenacious, smooth and transparent.

The instant noodles machine possesses the features of high automation, simple operation, low energy consumption and small floor space, and it can finish all production procedures at one stroke. The investment in this food production line is only one-tenth of other similar equipment. For this reason, it is especially suitable for small size or self-owned enterprises.

Sample Display

Technical Parameter
Model Installed Power Power Consumption Output Size (L*W*H)
LTM-E 80.5KW 50kw 11 23000x1500x1800mm
LTM-S 10KW Steam:0.5T 101KW 150-200kg/h 23000x1600x1800mm

Flow chart:

Instant noodles machine is a production line composed of the following parts.
1. Dough Mixer
2. Compound Roller Pressing Machine
3. Steam Cooker
4. Instant Noodles Fryer
5. Cooling Conveyor

Please contact us, if you are in need of instant noodles machine, multifunction forming machine, baking machine, food extruder. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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