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As a China vacuum fryer manufacturer and supplier in China, we can provide two different models of vacuum food frying equipment, both of which are made using stainless steel, enduring high sanitation standard.

1. Made of Stainless SUS304, our vacuum fryers meet the Hygienic Requirement of Food Processing.
2. Oil pump driven circulation heating and heat exchanger is adopted to improve heat exchanging efficiency.
3. Germany shaft seal is adopted to ensure vacuum degree.
4. The vacuum fryer is equipped with dual-filter which effectively controls the oil purity.
5. The non-sticky basket can automatically complete de-oil performance with variable frequency speed control. This ensures high efficiency and low oil consumption.
6. World-famous brand PLC control, touch screen, and low voltage power supply provide the vacuum fryer with entire system protection and automatic control. So, the frying machine is simple and easy for operation.

Specifications of Vacuum Fryer Ltvfm-I
Dimension 2500*1400*3850mm; Inside : Φ1000mm;
Weight 2000Kg
Material SS304 (Inside Layer and Outside Layer); MS Interlayer (Not Connect Food, Not Exposed)
Power 12.75Kw;
Steam Pressure 0.25-0.3Mpa;
Vacuum Degree -0.09- -0.095Mpa (Idling);
Working Temperature <120 Degree
De-oil Speed 0-300r/m (adjustable)
Capacity 6-8Kg/Hr (Apple Chips); 20-25Kg/Hr (Potato Chips);
Application Range Vegetables: potato, carrots, radish ,wax gourd., etc. Fruit: apple, banana, pineapple, jackfruit, mango., etc Meat or aquaculture products: fish, beef, shrimp, etc. Dry fruit: peanut, cashew, bean, etc.

In addition vacuum food fryer, we can also offer twin screw extruder, continuous fryer, flaking machine and automatic meat tenderizer. If you want to learn more detailed information, please click into corresponding product pages or contact us directly.

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