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Nutrition Rice Powder Machine

Welcome to this page. We are a specialized manufacturer of nutrition rice powder machine in China. Our company was founded in 2001. We have a group of experienced staff. With their efforts, we have sold our products to Southeast Asia areas and the Middle East areas such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan. The products include food extruder, electrode baking machine, rice processing machine, packing machine. The introduction of nutrition rice powder machine is given below.

Nutrition rice powder equipment uses rice, corn, beans and all kinds of grist as raw materials to produce the rice powder. Through extruding and inflating, drying, crushing and mixing, nutrition rice powder machine could produce all kinds of nutrition powder, such as infant rice flour, sesame paste, and beans powder and so on.

This nutrition rice powder machine could finish all the process automatically from the feeding to the end. It has features of easy operation, without leak of rice powder, sanitation, energy conservation and convenient material feeding, etc.

Sample Display

Model Installed Power Power Consumption Output Size
LT65 88KW 62KW 120-150kg/h 19000x1200x2200mm
LT70 142KW 99KW 200-250kg/h 21000x1500x2200mm
LT85 257KW 180KW 500-700kg/h 3000x3500x4300mm
LT90 294KW 206KW 800-1000kg/h 30000x3500x4300mm
FT75 248KW 186KW 400-500kg/gh 28500x3500x4300mm
FT95 384KW 288KW 800-1200kg/h 36000x3500x4300mm

Flow Chart

Our nutrition rice powder machine is primarily composed of the following types of ancillary food equipment.
1. Flour Mixer
2. Screw Conveyor
3. Twin Screw Extruder
4. Air Conveyor
5. Continuous Belt Oven
6. Grinding System
7. Horizontal Mixer

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