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LTBM series battering machine can starch for meat, such as chicken, beef, pork and seafood such as fish, prawn, shrimp, etc.. The battered food can be fried directly or coated with some bread crumbs to get better taste. So, the automatic battering machine can also be used in combination with food fryers to form a food processing line.

1. The battering machine is convenient for installation and cleaning.
2. The battery delivery pump is suitable for pumping high viscosity batter, so this machine has no restrictions on the batter property.
3. Safety devices are available to ensure safe operation.
4. This automatic battering machine is equipped with safe and reliable SIEMENS electric parts and components
6. It can be used in combination with forming machine, breading machine and frying equipment to form a production line, thus improving food production efficiency.
7. Made of stainless steels, modern design, reasonable and reliable.

Technical parameter
Model 200 400 600
Conveyor Speed 7-8m/min 3-15m/min 3-15m/min
Entrance Height 780mm 1135mm 1135mm
Exit Height 780mm 1080mm 1080mm
Width of Belt 200mm 400mm 600mm
Power 0.62kw 1.4kw 1.67kw
Dimension(L*W*H) 1400*550*1250mm 1900*720*1350mm 2070*920*1450mm

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