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Dough Snack Machine

Welcome to this page constructed by LIGHT Company, a professional dough snack machine manufacturer and supplier in China.

Working process
The dough is firstly rolled and extruded by several rollers, and then the dough is cut by the special cutting system of the dough snack machine. After oil frying, flavoring and drying, the delicious dough snack is achieved.

The dough snack machine is designed reasonably and feature simple operation. Its maximum production capacity reaches 250-300kg/hr. It can be powered by electricity and can burn fuels like natural gas, diesel and LPG.

Due to competitive prices and reliable performance as well as high production efficiency, our dough snack machine is sought after by customers from Britain, Italy, America, Austria and other nations. In addition, we can also offer many other types of food processing machinery, including mixing machine, single screw extruder, vacuum fryer, and more.

Sample Display

Technical Parameter
Model Installed Power Power Consumption Output Size (L*W*H)
LTM-E 60kw 50kw 150-200kg/h 23000x1500x1800mm
LTM-G 12L/H(Diesel) 8-12L/H(Diesel) 150-200kg/h 23000x1600x1800mm

Flow chart:

Dough snack machine is a snack food production line composed of the following equipment.
1. Dough Mixer
2. Compound Roller Pressing Machine
3. Batch Fryer
4. Eight Square Seasoning Machine

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