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Welcome to this page. In order to let customers know better about LIGHT Company, we show you some pictures of our production workshops, offices, and product packaging and transportation situations.

LIGHT is a food processing equipment manufacturer and supplier, located in China. It is specialized in research, development and manufacture of various types of expanded food machinery and baking snack machinery. We have a research and development team which is full of creativity and team spirits. Our machinery design department and the technology department come with a group of experienced engineers and food production equipment designers.
Through all the efforts of LIGHT staff, we are now able to manufacture meat processing machinery, animal food machinery, and food extruders, etc. which have been used widely in the field of food processing, and in the meanwhile, we are also capable of providing the clients with complete food production and processing solutions, making improvements on our food processing equipment according to customers' feedbacks, and keeping our production technologies ahead.

Main Products
  • Baby Powder, Bread Crumb MachineryOur experienced and qualified research and development team is full of creativity and team spirit. We have mainly two research and development departments, that is, the machinery design department and the food technology department, which enables us to make improvement on our baby powder machinery and bread crumb machinery, etc. according to customers' feedbacks and requirements.
  • Textured Soya Protein MachineryThis textured soya protein machinery takes soybean dregs and peanut dregs as main raw materials to achieve the snack. After milling, mixing, extruding and cutting, the dregs become layered fiber structures. The finished products contain rich nutrition. They look and taste like meat and it is easy for them to absorb oil, water and seasoner, etc. As they don't contain any cholesterol and animal fat, they are ideal snacks for people at any age.