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Textured Soya Protein Machinery

We are a specialized manufacturer of textured soya protein machinery in China. Our company has a rich experience in this field. Our soya bean protein food processing line is developed and manufactured with the help of our years of experience and the advanced production lines.

This textured soya protein machinery takes soybean dregs and peanut dregs as main raw materials to achieve the snack. After milling, mixing, extruding and cutting, the dregs become layered fiber structures. The finished products contain rich nutrition. They look and taste like meat and it is easy for them to absorb oil, water and seasoner, etc. As they don't contain any cholesterol and animal fat, they are ideal snacks for people at any age.

Currently, our textured soya protein machinery is widely used in America, Austria, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and many other countries.

Sample Display

Technical Parameter
Model Installed Power Power Consumption Output Size
FT63 120KW 75KW 150-300kg/h 13500x2300x2400mm
FT75 183KW 128KW 300-500kg/h 14500x1300x2400mm
FT95 261KW 183KW 800-1000kg/h 17000x2400x3000mm

Flow Chart

Equipments Components
1. Flour Mixer
2. Screw Conveyor
3. Twin Screw Extruder
4. Air Conveyor
5. Continuous Belt Oven

In addition to standard textured soya protein machinery, we can supply our clients with the non-standardized products in accordance with their requirements to meet their needs. If you are looking for rice processing machinery, meat production equipment, food mixer and so on, please try to contact us first. We are confident we can satisfy any of your food production line need.

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