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Multifunctional Double Screw Extruder Multifunctional Double Screw Extruder Multifunctional Double Screw Extruder Multifunctional Double Screw Extruder

1. Screws can be freely arranged and combined to produce different products.
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2. Barrel liner is made of alloy, and it has long service life.
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3. There are various heating methods for customers’ option. Multifunctional double screw extruder has low maintenance costs.

4. The gear of multifunctional double screw extruder is processed sophisticatedly. The machine is assembled professionally. It is equipped with a distribution box of cooling, lubrication and filtration system.
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5. Multifunctional double screw extruder is controlled by touch screen. It can store the maximum of 24 sets of data.

6. Electrical parts are supplied by foreign brands parts, such as Siemens, Omron, Fuji, Delta and LG.

7. Multifunctional double screw extruder features straight cutting. It is directly driven by the motor and the cutting force is strong.

Model Installed Power Drive Motor Output Size (L*W*H) Applied Products
FT62 73kw 55kw 100-200kg/h 4500x1000x2700mm Pellets, Puffs, Pet Food, Fish Feed, Corn Flakes and Breakfast Cereal etc
FT75 98kw 75kw 200-400kg/h 5200x1100x2800mm
FT95 185kw 110kw 1000-1500kg/h 6300x3000x3500mm
FT115 245kw 132kw 1500-3000kg/h 7100x3500x3500mm
FT130 297kw 160kw 3000-4000kg/h 7800x3700x3500mm
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