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Extruded Pellet Machine

Glad to meet you. We are a major manufacturer of extruded pellet machine, based in China. With the help of experienced and skilled staff, we are able to offer our clients full set of solutions according to their specifications. These measures will make the clients dispel their worries about investment. Besides, we keep upgrading the production technology, improving the quality of our extruded pellet machine and perfecting the service to meet the clients' special demands.

The raw food material can be potato starch, corn starch, cassava starch, wheat flour and so on. The extruded pellet machine produces extruded snacks according to the following steps. First, single-screw extruder extrudes and cuts the raw materials into semi-finished products. By changing the dies, the pellet can be processed in different shapes like shell, spiral, square tube, circle tube. Then, the semi-finished products should be dried and fried. Finally, delicious and crisp finished products come to existence.

Sample Display

Technical Parameter
Model Installed Power Power Consumption Output Size
FT75 183KW 128KW 300kg/h 27800x2100x2800mm
FT95 261KW 183KW 400-500kg/h 28300x2100x2800mm
LT100 117KW 82KW 80-100kg/h 27000x2000x2000mm

Flow Chart

Our extruded pellet machine is a food production line composed of the following components.
1. Flour Mixer
2. Screw Conveyor
3. Single Screw Extruder
4. Drawing Cutter
5. Drying Box
6. Cooling Bed
7. Batch Fryer
8. Eight Square Seasoning Machine

Our company is located in Jinan, Shandong province. There are convenient transportation facilities such as deepwater wharf, high ways, air harbors and railways. Thus both our and our clients transportation cost is greatly saved.
If you have come here for quality extruded pellet machine, or any other type of equipment like baking snack machinery, meat production equipment, etc. you have come into the right place. We welcome you to contact us for more information.

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