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We are a specialized manufacturer of food shaper and food cutter. Our food shaping machine and cutting equipment include bread pan cutter, snack food cutter, punching machine, smart ring cutter, etc. The detailed introduction is given below. If you are interested in any of our food processing machines, please contact us. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

1. Co-Extrusion Snack Food Cutter
With the development of people's life, the demands and styles of food is becoming more and more. Hence, food processing machine like baking machine, food shaper, cutter are increasingly demanded. This type of co-extrusion snack food cutter is a kind of food processing equipment. Its power is 1.5kw. It can be used to extrude snacks, pillow snacks, sticks, bars, square chips, etc. Co-extrusion snack food cutter is suitable for all kinds of food makers.

Cutting Mode Rolling Cut
Power 1.5kw
Inverter Speed Control
Application Range Co-extrusion Snacks, Pillow Snacks, Sticks, Bars, Square Chips

2. Bread Pan Cutter
This is a food processing machine. This bread pan cutter is designed especially for cutting bread pan. It is made of high-class raw materials. It features compact structure and long service life. Its power is only about 1.5Kw. Therefore, it is suitable for private food makers, supermarkets, and all kinds of food processing enterprises.

Mode Side Cutting
Power 1.5kw
Inverter Speed Control
Application Range Bread Pan

3. Smart Ring Cutter
This smart ring cutter is a kind small-sized food processing machine. Its power is only 1.5kw. It is ideal for private smart ring makers and is also applicable for use in supermarkets, and food shops, among others.
Due to reliable performance and competitive prices, this food cutter is well received among users.

Mode Side Cutting
Power 1.5kw
Inverter Speed Control
Application Range Smart Rings

4. Flaking Machine
1. The machine frame is made using 10# channel steel and the machine housing is made of stainless steel. This ensures high strength of the flaking machine.
2. Screw type material spreading can effectively reduce conglutination of the raw materials.
3. The flaking machine is designed with scraper blades to prevent flakes from sticking on surface of rollers.
4. Horizontal conveyor is used to transport flakes timely to the next workstage.
5. This food processing machine comes with hand wheels to adjust the gap between rollers.
6. Roller speed is adjustable.

Main Motor 15Kw;
Rotate Speed Inverter Adjustable
Application Range Cornflakes, Oat Flakes, Rice Flakes

5. Corn Chip Cutter
This type of corn chip cutter is a kind of food processing machine whose size is 1200 * 600 * 1500.
1. Stainless Steel Construction
2. AC Inverter is used to control the speed for compression and cutting rolls.
3. System mounted on locking casters

Main Motor 1.5Kw;
Inverter Speed Control;
Dimension 1200x600x1500 mm;
Application Range Compressed Sheets from Extruder

6. Punching Machine
This food processing machine is certificated by CE and it is made of the steels that are accordance with the national standards. It is used to form waved potato chips. After compressed sheets forming by single screw extruder, the sheet is delivered to punching moulds to form ellipse potato chips.

Model LTPM
Main Motor 1.5Kw;
Inverter Speed Control;
Dimension 1200x800x900 mm;

7. Traction Cutting Machine
It is a practical cutting machine for round tube, square tubes, and so on. The external dimension of this food processing machine is 2400x600x1200 mm.

Main Motor 1.5Kw
Inverter Speed Control;
Dimension 2400x600x1200 mm;
Application Range Tube

8. Bugle Cutter

This special cutting machine is design for bugle shape snacks which can be made by single screw extruder and double screw extruder. The main motor power of this food processing machine is 1.5kw, and its dimension is 1200x700x1600 mm.

Main Motor 1.5Kw;
Inverter Speed Control;
Dimension 1200x700x1600 mm;
Application Range Bugles

9. Snack Pellet Shaping Machine
This is a food processing machine newly designed to produce 3D pellets in triangle and racket shapes.
The components contacting with food materials are made using stainless steel, which ensures high sanitation standard.
The shaper is compact in structure, and as a result it is convenient for transportation and installation, etc.

Main Motor 1.5Kw;
Inverter Speed Control
Dimension 2400x700x1600 mm;
Application Range 3D Compound Pellets
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