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We are a major manufacturer of baking machine in China. We are appreciating your visit.
The two types of food baking equipment showed on this page are both certified by CE. And they have been exported to many countries such as Britain, Italy, Iceland, America and Austria.

[1] Baking Machine Ltbm-E

1. LTBM-E baking machine used safe and effective far IR to bake foodstuff.
2. The temperature can be precisely controlled, so the baking equipment is ideal for baking different types of products.
3. Baking time is adjustable.
4. Convenient for cleaning due to its simple structure.
5. The control system makes the baking machine more efficient.

Model LTBM-E
Dimension 6400*1200*1550mm
Belt 800*6000mm
Fuel Far IR
Temperature 350 degree

[2] Baking Machine Ltbm-G

1. Gas is used as fuel to directly bake products.
2. The baking machine can adjust the baking temperature according to the requirement of different types of foodstuff.
3. Baking time is adjustable.
4. Cleaning is simple and convenient.
5. Control system is available to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the baking equipment.

Parameters of Baking Machine Ltbm-G
Model LTBM-G
Dimension 5800*1200*2100mm
Belt 800*550mm
Fuel Gas/LPG
Temperature 400 degree

We welcome you to purchase our baking equipment. If you are interested in any of our products like pet food production line, instant noodles machine, and food extruder, etc., please contact us directly.

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