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1. The oil filter is designed to remove aerosols impurities in fried oil, obviously improving fried environment.
2. Using it can effectively prevent the increase of fried oleic acid.
3. Greatly lengthening the service time of fried oil.
4. Using an oil filter in a food fryer can effectively improve the quality and appearance of the fried food.

Specifications of Oil Filter
Rate of Flow (L/min) 30
Oil Pump (L/min) 63
Mode Unmovable;
Size of Vacuum Room (mm) φ595
Filtering Area (M2) Three Pieces 0.62;Five Pieces 1.03;
Pile Diameter (inch) Inlet 1.5;Outlet 1;
Filter Papers (piece/once) Three Pieces 3;Five Pieces 5;
Filter Compound (kg) Three Pieces 0.4-0.8;Five Pieces 1.2;
Power 1.1Kw
Weight Three Pieces 160KG; Five Pieces 180KG;
Size Three Pieces 850*850*1000mm;Five Pieces 850*850*1100mm

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