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Thanks for your visit to this website constructed by LIGHT Company, a food frying equipment manufacturer and supplier located in China. We can manufacture different types of fryers, and on this page, we will introduce you our economy fryer which can be powered by electricity, gas, and LPG.

1. The economy fryer is highly efficient and features simple operation.
2. It is applicable for various types of food materials, like nuts, beans, and so on, and ideal for small scale fried snack production.
3. Designed with automatic dumping appliance, the frying equipment is able to discharge the final foodstuff easily.
4. Its production capacity reaches 60kg/h.
5. Now, our economy food fryer is CE certified, so customers can feel secure in purchasing.

Model LTECF-60
Capacity 60Kg/Hr (Snacks);
Dimension 1700*1150*2200mm
Frying Area 900*200*200mm
Fuel Electric/Gas/LPG
Oil Volume 150L
Application Range Nuts, Beans, Pellets, Snacks etc.

Our company was founded in the year 2001. With years of experience in expanded food processing machinery and skilled employees specialized in food machines make us able to supply the clients with complete food production solutions according to their specific requirements. So you have nothing to worry about if you purchase any of our products. We are looking forward to your orders on our economy fryer. If you want to learn more about our different types of fryer, or other products like dryer, shaper and cutter, etc., please click into co pages. Thank you.

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