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As a specialized food processing machine supplier in China, we are committed to offering highly advanced nut and seed machinery and other types of food processing equipment to worldwide customers.
Since our inception in 2001, we have made constant efforts to acquire highly advanced production technologies and production facilities, so as to ensure our product quality. Now, we are able to manufacture not only seed machinery, nut machinery, but also pet food machine, rice processing machine and so on. We can provide the whole production line for making various expanded snacks.

This page shows you our peanut butter machine. As its name suggests, this type of nut and seed machinery is used for making peanut butter.

Peanut Butter is one of the most popular flavoring foods because of its pleasant smell. With high protein, various vitamins, peanut butter is helpful of healthy, appearance and anti-aging. This machine can produce pure, salty type peanut butter and sweet peanut butter.

Parameters of peanut butter machine
NO. Capacity Optional Heating Source Area Requirement
1 0.1-0.5T/hr Electric/Gas/Diesel/LPG 30000*5000*4000mm

Our peanut butter machine is composed of the following single food processing equipment.
1. Bucket Conveyor
2. Continuous Belt Roaster
3. Bucket Conveyor
4. Cooling Conveyor
5. Peanut Peeler
6. Sorting Conveyor
7. Paste Grinder
8. Storage Tank
9. Mixing Tank
10. Vacuum De-aerator
11. Cooling Machine
12. Screw Pump

If you have any seed and nut machinery need, please feel free to contact us.

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